The KITAS Visa is intended for foreigners that are employed to work in Indonesia for more than a few months. It is the most comprehensive working permit you can get and allows the user to actively earn income, open bank accounts, pay taxes, get a mobile phone etc.

To obtain a working permit you need to work for a company that is registered within Indonesia. This entity can be either a Foreign Owned Company (PMA), a Representative Office or an Indonesian Owned Company.

The length of your working visa can vary between 6 & 12 months depending on your job title; the validity being approved by Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower. In general, Directors, Commissioners & Senior Managers can obtain a 12-month extendable permit, whereas advisors can only get a 6-month, non-extendable visa.

Process of Obtaining

For working KITAS need to find a company that you are employed and receive from it the necessary documents or to open his own company, and provide the necessary documents.

To get a work Permit you need of the following requirements:

In order to apply for a KITAS visa to Indonesia, your passport must be valid for:

12 months passport validity remaining to apply for a 6 months KITAS

18 months passport validity remaining to apply for a 12 months KITAS

Applicant Requirements

  1. Diploma.
  2. Reference Letter.
  3. Valid passport.
  4. Copy of biometric page passport
  5. Photo size 4 × 6, 3 × 4 and 2 × 3, respectively 6 pieces (red background)
  6. Curriculum vitae.

Sponsor Requirements

  1. Copy of Article of Association (Deed of Establishment)
  2. Copy of Company Business License (SIUP).
  3. Copy of Company Registration Number (TDP).
  4. Copy of Company Tax Identification Number (NPWP).
  5. Company Letter Head and Company Stamp.
  6. Copy of Director ID card (KTP).
  7. Copy notarial deed which was approved by the relevant officials ( Akte Notaris)
  8. Copy of Certificate of Domicile of the Company
  9. Copy of TIN Company
  10. Organizational Chart (in which there is a position for a candidate TKA)
  11. Copy of Employment Contract
  12. Letter of Sponsorship from companies
  13. Power of Attorney handling

The rest of the work on the preparation of papers and obtaining permission (TELEX) from the head office of Immigration in Jakarta, we will do for you.

It should be remembered that the period of preparation TELEX takes  2 – 4 months.

Further, for the Indonesian Embassy in KITAS need to provide:

  1. passport
  2. a completed application form
  3. TELEX (immigration document from the head office in Jakarta)
  4. pay the application fee

In KITAS will show the sponsoring company and job.

For working KITAS each year shall be paid a tax of $ 1,200