A Social visa is a type of visa provided for people who intend to visit Indonesia either for attending some kind of seminar, want to attend a short course or for people looking to the tour the beautiful places in the country.

The Social Visa is only a single entry visa, meaning once you enter Indonesia with a Social visa, you cannot go back and re-enter Indonesia with the same Social Visa Indonesia.

The visa is valid for a maximum of 180 days or six months’ time. And people holding a social visa cannot work in Indonesia be it part-time or full-viggtime or even voluntary work, either paid or unpaid


  • While applying for a Social Visa, you need to have some sort of sponsor letter provided by any Indonesian Citizen along with his/her ID proof details.
  • The Social visa need to be applied only in the Indonesian Embassy. The Social Visa is initially provided for 60 days or even just 30 days depending upon your requirements.
  • They can be extended each month till a maximum of 180 days or six months.


  • When compared to other kind of visas, Social visa comes with a lot of advantages as you can in Indonesia for as long as six months without any interruption.
  • With other type of visas like Business and Visa on Arrival, you need to compulsorily leave Indonesia after 60 days before applying for the same.
  • Hence, obtaining a social visa also helps you on saving your flights costs too. Social visa is also easy to obtain and doesn’t have any complex requirements. But you need to visit the Immigration center every month after 60 days if you are looking to extend your visa.

But with the help of us, you just need to visit the first time to provide your fingerprint scan and we’ll take care of renewing your visa on behalf you, leaving you to take care of your commitments or enjoy the beautiful landscapes in Bali.


  1. Sponsor Letter from us
  2. ID Proof of the sponsor, that also will be from us
  3. Passport validity of minimum 6 months
  4. Need to have at least 3 blank pages in your passport
  5. Two (2) photo size 4×6 inch need to be in white background.
  6. Last 3 months Bank statement (only if required, but, but keeping it handy.