Statement of Environmental Management (SPPL)

  • of the Statement of Capability of Environmental Management and Monitoring (SPPL) is an Environmental Document (DLH) in the form of a letter stating the ability of business actors to manage and monitor the environmental impact of their business activities.
  • This SPPL is the simplest and most suitable type of DLH for SMEs in general, especially if the business activities carried out include those that are not required to have UKL-UPL or AMDAL.
  • The SPPL document is one of the requirements for obtaining certain technical licenses such as the Industrial Business License (IUI) and the Tourism Business Registry (TDUP).


  1. Application(for a legal entity, using letterhead paper). For the format of the Environmental Management Statement (SPPL),
  2. photocopy of the initiator’s KTP / business owner / person in charge of the
  3. photocopy of the company’s compulsory registration number (NPWP)
  4. photocopy of the paid tax forand building (PBB) for the current year
  5. land(AJB), Certificate of Ownership (SHM), Right to Build (HGB), Purchase Agreement)
  6. Lease / contract participation letter
  7. Letter of approval from neighbors signed by the local village and sub-district
  8. Photocopy of Business Domicile Certificate (SKDU)
  9. Photocopy of Business Permit Trade (SIUP) and Company Registration Certificate (TDP) Company
  10. Establishment Deed / Foreign Investment License (PMA) / Domestic Investment (PMDN)
  11. Photocopy of Building Permit (IMB) / pre siteplan
  12. Declaration on stamp duty Rp. 6,000, – for clinical activities, that do not perform inpatient, laoratorium and midwifery
  13. activities Photocopy of location / activities, side view and operational activities


  1. Applicant to fill out the application form and complete the requirements of the Environmental Management Statement (SPPL)
  2. Examination of the complete requirements of the application file inspection
  3. If the requirements are complete then a receipt is made
  4. Field
  5. If it is appropriate between the data and conditions in the field the SPPL format is made, if it is not appropriate then the application returned to the Applicant
  6. SPPL Examination and verification by the verifier official
  7. SPPL signed by the Chairperson of the Environmental Impact Analysis Commission (AMDAL)

Important Note

The Period of the

validity SPPL is valid for the duration of the business and / or activities take place as long as there are no changes to the business and / or activities The

subject of Licensing

SPPL Document Can be submitted by all types of business actors – whether in the form of individuals or entities that are not legal entities (such as CVs / Firms), or legal entities (such as PTs or cooperatives) – as long as they are still in small or medium scale, and organizes business activities which are classified as having SPPL.

Important Notes

  • There are three types of Environmental Documents, namely Environmental Management Statement (SPPL) document, Environmental Management Efforts and Environmental Monitoring Efforts (UKL-UPL), and Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL). SPPL generally can only be submitted by micro, small, or medium scale businesses (UKM), which in conducting their business are not required to have an Environmental Permit.
  • It is important for business actors to find out whether their business development plans include those required by UKL-UPL, AMDAL, or just having SPPL.

Reference Document

Legal Base

  1. Minister of the Environment Regulation No.16 / 2012 concerning Guidelines for the Preparation of Environmental Documents.
  2. Minister of the Environment Regulation No.8 / 2013 concerning Procedures for Assessment and Inspection of Environmental Documents and the Issuance of Environmental Permits.
  3. Decree of Head of Bekasi City Environmental Management Agency No.650.1 / Kep.245 / BPLH / 2015 AMDAL on Standard Operating Procedures for Evaluation of Environmental Documents (Terms of Reference for ANDAL, ANDAL, RKL-RPL, UKL-UPL, DELH, DPLH, SPPL)