PT PMA is considered a foreign-owned company in Indonesia

All foreign-owned companies in Indonesia are PT PMAs which stands for a limited liability company with foreign direct investment. A company is a PMA as long as any of the shares are held by a foreign national or a foreign company. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if it’s 100%, 51% or even 1% – if there are foreign shareholders, you are a foreign-owned company.


In case, the business sector in which you intend to incorporate a company does not offer independent international ownership, we suggest opting for a limited liability company registration through a joint venture with a local partner

This process will give investors the full control over the management of their company, no restrictions related to business fields, and minimise risks of setting cooperation with an unreliable partner.

Employment of Foreign Workers

A foreign-owned company can sponsor and issue work permits as well as stay visas (working ITAS) for its international employees.

Furthermore, this kind of company is allowed to sponsor business visas of its business partners and clients arriving in Indonesia for a short stay.

Full International Ownership

To attract more foreign investors and multiple investments critical to the Indonesian economy, Indonesia has been relaxing the limited foreign ownership lately. Wholly-owned foreign companies became less rare, and it is, therefore, likely that you can start an international company without any partnership or local shares of your property.

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