The meaning or understanding of IMB (Building Permit) is a legal product that contains approval or licensing issued by the Local Regional Head ( Regency / city government) and must be owned / managed by building owners who want to build, demolish, increase / reduce the area, or renovate a building.

The presence of a building permit (IMB) on a building is very important, because it aims to create a safe building layout and in accordance with the allotment of land. Even the existence of IMB is also very much needed when buying and selling houses. Homeowners who do not have a building permit will later be fined 10 percent of the building value, and the house can also be demolished.

Well, for those of you who are still confused about how to take care of the IMB, here are some conditions for living or non-living.

IMB Conditions for Residential IMB

Requirements / Requirements for Residential IMB

Before carrying out the IMB making process, each applicant is required to complete a number of IMB requirements, including a photocopy of the owner’s identity, a photocopy of SPPT and Proof of Payment of Land and Building Tax for the Year, a photocopy of land ownership certificate , power of attorney (if authorized), statement of land ownership.     

The Flow of Submission of IMB for Homes

For those of you who have a house under 500 square meters, take care of the IMB can directly come to the sub-district at the One Stop Integrated Service Counter (PTSP), after that you can directly fill out a form for submission of land measurements. One week later the officer will come to your house and measure and draw a picture of your house, after the picture is finished, it can be used as a blueprint for the IMB.

The Length of Making a House IMB Making Process

After the floor plan drawing is complete, then the IMB submission process can be carried out, the long period of making the IMB itself can take 15 working days.

IMB Non Residential / Public Building Requirements

Requirements / Requirements for IMB for Public Buildings (Non-Residential House up to 8 floors)

To make an IMB for Non-Residential Public Buildings (up to 8 floors), the applicant must complete a number of requirements for taking care of IMB in the form of:

  • IMB application form
  • Declaration of no dispute (stamped)
  • Power of Attorney (if authorized)
  • KTP and NPWP (applicant and / authorized)
  • Declaration of Legitimacy and RighteousnessDocuments
  • UN Proof of Payment
  • Establishment Deed (If the applicant is in the name of the company / agency / foundation)
  • Proof of land ownership (land certificate)
  • Urban Planning Provisions (KRK) ) /RTLB
  • SIPPT(for land area> 5,000 m2)
  • Architectural design drawings (consisting of situation drawings, plans, views, pieces, infiltration wells) planned by architects who have IPTB, given GSB, GSJ and land boundary)
  • drawingsConstruction drawings and calculations construction and land investigation report (planned by construction planners who have IPTB)
  • Installation Drawings (LAK / LAL / SDP / TDP / TUG)
  • IPTB (Building Technical Actors License) architecture, construction uction and installation (legalized original) of the
  • old IMB and its attachments (for requests to change / add buildings)

Public Building IMB Submission Stage (Non Residential to 8 floors)

First the applicant comes to the One Stop Integrated Service Counter (PTSP) of the city administration where you stay, then fill out the form submitted, after that submit the conditions or documents that are brought, then the file will be examined and will be surveyed to the location.

After the survey, the officer will calculate the amount of retribution or costs to be incurred by the applicant, then the applicant pays the levy determined at the DKI bank and asks for proof of payment and then submits it to the PTSP city administration counter. After that, the IMB can be taken by the applicant.

Costs for Building IMB for Non-Residential Public Buildings (8 floors)

For the cost of making IMB for Non-Residential Public Buildings themselves, it is adjusted to Perda No. 1/2015 based on building area x building index x unit price of retribution.

Duration of the Process of Making IMB for Non-Residential Public Buildings (8 Floors) The

duration of making the IMB itself is 25 working days, since the technical documents were approved. If the IMB is ready, it can be directly collected at the local PTSP City Administration counter.

Terms IMB General Building (Non House Live) 9 floor is

almost the same as the terms of making IMB General Building for the non home (s / d 8 floor), for buildings as high as nine floors more, must memeuhi some of the requirements below:

  • Form Registration IMB
  • Copy of ID card and TIN Applicant
  • Copy of Land Certificate, which has been legalized by Notary,
  • photocopying UN final year
  • Including Decision on City Plan (KRK) and Plan Layout Building (RTLB / Blokplan) of BPTSP
  • Include a photocopy of license appointment Land Use (SIPPT) of Governor, if the area of ​​the planning area is 5,000 square meters or more.
  • Architectural design drawings (consisting of situation drawings, floor plans, views, cuts, infiltration wells) planned by architects who have IPTB, given the GSB, GSJ and land boundary notation.
  • Recommendation results from the approval of the City Architecture Advisory Team (TPAK), if the building area is 9 floors or more, the
  • results of a land investigation are made by a consultant,
  • the TPKB session approval agreement, if the building height is 9 floors or more and or the building with a basement is more than 1 floor, or buildings with special structures.
  • Installation Drawing (LAK / LAL / SDP / TDP / TUG)
  • Recommendation UKL / UPL from BPLHD if the building area is 2,000 to 10,000 M2, or AMDAL Recommendation if the building area is more than 10,000 M2.
  • Letter of Appointment of Construction Contractor and Board of Directors of Building Supervision from the Building Owner.
  • Power of Attorney (if authorized)

Flowchart of Building 9 Building Permits (Non-Residential Homes) 9 or more 9-storey

To administer thisPublic Buildings (Non-Residential Building) IMB, every applicant domiciled in Jakarta must first fill in the registration form at the Integrated Services Agency counter Satu Pintu (BPTSP) DKI Jakarta Provincial Office.  

There the applicant is also required to include the requirements that have been determined, then the files that have been entered will be examined and tried by the City Architecture Advisory Team (TPAK). After graduation it will be retried based on Structural Funding by the Building Construction Advisory Team (TPKB) and Installation Planning and M&E to the Building Installation Advisory Team (TPIB).

Then the officer will calculate the amount of the IMB retribution / fee, after that the applicant must immediately pay the IMB retribution fee through the DKI Bank and ask for proof of payment which is then submitted to the BPTSP counter at the DKI Jakarta Provincial office, after that the IMB request file can be issued.

IMB that has been issued will be informed via SMS or telephone to the applicant and the IMB can be taken by the applicant at the PBTSP Counter.