How and conditions to obtain a Halal certificate from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) 

Halal Certificate is a certificate stating that a product such as food, drinks, cosmetics and so on does not contain any prohibited elements or ingredients and the method of management is carried out with production methods that are in accordance with the teachings of Islamic law. .

Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) is an Islamic assembly body that also regulates for the insertion of halal certificates in a product.

Pursuant to Law No. 3 of 2014 concerning Halal Product Guarantees that all products circulating and traded in Indonesia are required to have halal certificates except for illegal products.

In this case, the product category includes goods and / or services related to food, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, chemical products, biological products, genetic engineering products, and used goods that are used, used or utilized by the wider community.

If you are a businessman who has his own product, to strengthen and increase people’s trust in your product, it is important to have a halal certificate in addition to a marketing authorization certificate from the BPOM RI or the Health Service (SPP-IRT).

Following is the procedure for making halal certification to the Indonesian Ulama Council Board of Food, Drugs, Cosmetics Assessment

  1. Understand Halal Certification Requirements and Join SJH Training In this case a company is required to understand all the halal certification requirements listed in HAS 23000. In addition, companies or producers are required to attend training conducted by LPPOM MUI in the form of regular training and online training (e-training)
  2. Implementing Halal Assurance System (SJH) Before registering halal certification, a company is required to implement a Halal Assurance System for the company such as stipulation of halal policy, establishment of Halal Management Team, preparation of SJH Manual, implementation of training, preparation of procedures related to SJH, implementation of internal audit and management review Related to this, LPPOM MUI created a document to assist companies in implementing SJH with guidelines in accordance with the LPPOM MUI website.
  3. Prepare Halal Certification Documents The following are a number of document requirements that must be fulfilled by companies such as product list, material list and material document, slaughter list (RPH), product matrix, SJH manual, process flow diagram, address list of production facilities, proof of Halal policy socialization , evidence of internal training and evidence of internal audit.
  4. Register for Halal Certificate Halal registration can be done online on the Cerol system through every company must first read the Cerol user manual in order to understand halal certification procedures. After uploading the certification data, it can only be processed by LPPOM MUI.
  5. Perform Pre-audit Monitoring and Payment of Certification Agreement After uploading certification data online, each company must monitor pre audit and certification contract payment. Then, for audit monitoring it is better to do it every day to find out any discrepancies in the pre audit results. In addition, certification audit payments are made by downloading the contract in Cerol and are paid according to the contract fee and signing the contract. Then, make a payment at Cerol and be approved by the treasurer of LPPOM MUI
  6. Audit Implementation This stage will be held when the company has successfully passed the pre audit and agreed contract stages. This agenda is implemented in all facilities relating to certified products.
  7. Conduct Post-Audit Monitoring At this stage, it is recommended that the company is carried out every day to find out any discrepancies in the audit results, and can be immediately corrected if there are non-conformities.
  8. Obtaining a Halal Certificate After passing the seven previous stages, the company can download the halal certificate in softcopy at Cerol or take it at the LPPOM MUI Jakarta office and can also be sent at the company’s address. Do not forget, this certificate is valid for two years.